Our Pregnancy Care

Issues Pregnant Women Experience

Forward Tilt of Neck
Neck Pain
Numbness and Tingling in Hands/Fingers
Pain Between Shoulder Blades
Carpal Tunnel
Hyperextension of Knees, Flattening of Feet
Heel Pain
Foot Pain
Backward Extension of Head
Neck Pain and Stiffness
Forward Tilt of Pelvis
Sciatic Pain
Low Back Pain
Leg Pain
Pubic Pain
Hyperextension of Upper Back
Rib Pain
Difficulty Breathing
Accentuated Low-Back Curvature
Rib Pain
Low Back Pain and Strain

Healthier Mothers Deliver Healthier Babies

The better prepared your body is to carry a baby, the more likely these benefits are to transfer to your child. At Fit For Life Chiropractic, we’re committed to helping women become as fertile and healthy as they can be, whether you are planning for a future pregnancy, are working to become pregnant, are currently with child, or have already given birth. The prenatal chiropractic care we offer in our Brandon, SD clinic plays an important role in the health of both mother and child.

We Help Support Your Body’s Changes

Your body goes through an abundance of mental and physical changes during pregnancy in order to prepare for birth. Your developing child adds weight to your body and, as your abdomen begins to protrude, pressure builds on your lower spine. These changes to your pelvis and posture can make walking, sitting, lying down, and even sleeping uncomfortable.

Reduce Intrauterine Constraint and Speed Up Labor

Spinal misalignments can cause discomfort for you and space issues for your little one. This intrauterine constraint may make it difficult for the baby to move into the proper position when it’s time to give birth, causing the child to be in the breech position or suffer significant spine stress. Correcting these misalignments protects both mother and child from unnecessary pain and/or trauma. Prenatal spine care is also shown to reduce labor time, with some patients laboring 35% to 45% less than those who don’t receive chiropractic care!

Two Corrections Can Make A Big Impact on Baby’s Development

Dr. Cody will take special care to identify and correct sacrum misalignments, as well as identify tight points in the ligaments that surround the uterus and connect to the low back. These two basic corrections will ensure that the uterus is ideally positioned to support the baby’s growth, development, and delivery.

More Than Just Spinal Adjustments

As we work to prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery, we’ll provide you with valuable information concerning nutrition, supplements, physical activity, stress reduction, and more. We keep up to date on research regarding certain testing procedures and will make that information available to you, discussing their pros and cons as they pertain to your particular situation.