Spinal Decompression Therapy
Treatments for the Sioux Falls area

Non-Surgical Relief for Neck & Back Pain

DTS Spinal Decompression Therapy® gently stretches the spine, relieving pressure from the spinal discs, joints, and muscular tissues, while enhancing the body’s natural healing process. This non-surgical relief therapy is thought to be an alternative to receiving an invasive surgery such as a laminectomy or microdiscectomy. There are three phases we follow during the therapeutic process:

  1. Treatment
  2. Stabilization of Structure
  3. Support of Muscular System

The gentle distractive forces of the DOC decompression table create decompression through negative pressure, the unloading due to distraction and proper positioning, to improve blood flow and important nutrient exchange to the injured area.

Our Spinal Decompression Therapy Is Safe & Comfortable

Unlike any other decompression device, you have several positioning options. Only if you’re 100% comfortable will you be able to achieve the ultimate objective of complete rehabilitation of your discs and spine. During the treatment, you’ll experience several cycles of stretching and relaxation. These cycles gently graduate to a peak over a period of several minutes.

Therapy sessions typically last less than 20 minutes. Many patients experience relief from their back and neck pain with as few as 8-10 treatments. It is important to remember, however, that pain subsiding does not mean that your discs and spine are healed. It’s critical that patients stick with the treatment protocol prescribed by their practitioners in order to achieve the full value of DTS Therapy.

Non-Surgical Decompression Treatments Are a Pain-Free Alternative

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a pain-free alternative that has shown a very high rate of success at reducing, or even eliminating, back and neck pain. If your symptoms are chronic, or even debilitating, you owe it to yourself to call our office today. We’ll work with you to make an appointment to see if you’re a candidate for DTS Spinal Decompression Therapy.


Spinal Decompression for the Sioux Falls Area

Our office in Brandon, SD is dedicated to offering the latest, state-of-the-art therapies for treating pain in the low back and neck, sciatica, pinched nerves, and bulging or degenerative disc diseases. Many people can find relief from compressed discs through nonsurgical treatment methods. We believe DTS Spinal Decompression Therapy to be the most advanced, non-surgical, and pain-free alternative.

Spinal decompression therapy table
Spinal decompression treatments by chiropractor
Spinal decompression therapy by chiropractor

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Spinal Decompression Therapy Right for Me?

We may not be able to recommend DTS Therapy to every one of our patients. There are certain indications in which we may proceed with the recommended therapy. Only after a full examination of the affected areas may we recommend this type of therapy. Please see the list below for the common indicators:

  1. Lower Back Pain
  2. Neck Pain
  3. Sciatica
  4. Bulging Discs
  5. Degenerative Discs
  6. Herniated Discs
  7. Pinched Nerves
  8. Spinal Stenosis


How Long Does It Take To See Results From Decompression Therapy?

A typical treatment plan centered around decompression treatment may include up to 12-20 treatments. Over the course of one to one and a half months, we’ve had patients report their low back and neck pain has improved significantly by the end of their 6-week program. Treatment timeframes may vary depending on the severity of the condition, and we may prescribe a shorter, or longer, program best suited for each patient’s needs.


Leading Non-Surgical Alternative for Disc-Related Syndromes of the Lumbar and Cervical Spine